The Last Resort by Emily Gallo

Short Synopsis

Welcome to Last Resort, a pot farm owned and operated by Dutch. A place where people can go to find refuge and second chances, along with peace and friendship and a little adventure.


Last Resort by Emily Gallo is contemporary novel that follows vivid characters who could easily be real human beings as they try to recover from the blows they have been dealt. This book is a little bit of everything. A look at the human condition, a little romance, a little adventure, and lots of hope and inspiration.

On a pot farm in Northern California, Dutch has been growing since before it was legal and has amassed a moderate fortune through his farm as well as his time spent as a musician. Together with Juniper, his friend and business partner, he has a habit of taking in workers from troubled pasts. In his stoic way, he gives them a place to work, live and find their peace. He comes a cross as quite and guarded, but clearly this man has a good heart and a desire to help others. The people who find their way to him are human beings who have experienced the worst life has to offer them, and jump at the chance to have a place to belong.

Among the borders Dutch and Juniper take on there is an ex-con, a Vegas prostitute, a young woman who spent time as a sex slave, a union rep, and a retired carnival worker suffering from Parkinson’s. Each character has their own unique past and character arc. When they find Dutch, they start to heal and form a sort of family as they work together. A few adventures strengthen the bond, including a fire, a visit from a pimp, and the hosting of a music festival. I felt drawn to each of the characters and their stories, but in particular I enjoyed Luther, the ex-con who was wrongfully convicted and spent several years in jail. Out in the world for the first time since he was young, the world around him is new and full of surprises. His quest for love with Juniper really tugged at my heart strings.

The overarching theme was one of redemption and belonging. At our core, human beings need connection with others. Even the worst of us. Even the most broken of us. The redemption theme of Last Resort reminds us that we all deserve a second chance, and with a little hard work and understanding for one another, we can all have one.

If you are looking for a feel good story that radiates inspiration, I highly recommend this book!

Happy Reading!

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